Research Science Institute (RSI) 2010

<p>So I don't think this thread exists yet, but if it does just smack me or something.</p>

<p>When we fill in our field and subfield, what counts as a subfield? Is there a list somewhere of accepted subfields, or do we just say something that we want to do(like biology, oncology). Also, doyou think I could pass computational biology as under math? :P</p>

<p>So idk if there is already a thread for this, and I know its early but I was jw if any of you who have previously gone to RSI or applied to RSI have any advice for applicants. I'm planning on applying next year for the program..</p>

<p>So yeah any tips, hints, comments, concerns, suggestions are welcome! :)</p>

<p>Btw if there is already a thread for this let me know lol</p>

<p>The Summer Programs Forum is searchable.</p>

<p>It's a crapshoot...the acceptance rate is like 2-3%. I spent my entire winter break perfecting my essays. Rejected.</p>

<p>you guys started early.</p>

<p>Why so slow, everyone? We should be picking up speed in these threads.</p>

<p>so I was looking at the application for it and I'm a little concerned. Do we need to have some background in computer programming to be eligible for the program?</p>

<p>Come out with the stats....</p>

<p>Here's my stats...what do you think my chances are?</p>

probable ISEF QUAL this year
possible siemens TRY( if i can get a partner)
material science summer research (6 wks, 30 hrs/wk)(summer preceding 11)</p>

USNCO qual, but couldn't take exam.
USAMO miss by 2 q's on AIME last year
USAPhO close qf miss.. extremely prob semi this year.
National programming competition top ten
Science UIL regional top 5</p>

<p>Test Scores
PSAT: 210<score<215 ( 10th)
SAT: 2100<score<2150 (10th)</p>


<p>Rank: (20-25) out of 600ish
approximately 8 APs before 11th, 7 this year
completed self study Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus.(10-11)
completed self-study O-Chem, P-Chem, (10- sum bf. 11)</p>

Chess club president</p>

<p>Tech background ( based off of last years questionnaire)</p>

<p>Fluent(advanced) in two languages
Knowledgable (intermediate) in another
Beginning (beginner) in 2 other.</p>

will be stellar, my science teachers love me.</p>

<p>but i heard its the essays that matter....
- From R.G.S</p>

<p>motivated_101 -
you were looking at the app??!!! You mean last yrs? Cuz this years app isn't supposed to come out till mid October ( Hopefully that means the deadline will be later). But just look @ last year's thread - nobody had much programming experience. Programming experience HELPS but is NOT REQUIRED.</p>

<p>rgs, 2 questions of aime is fairly significant...</p>

<p>@rgsthehopeful: yeah it was last years. okay that makes me a little more relieved.... but im still not sure if i could get in.. we'll see lol.</p>

<p>@motivated- However, I've compiled data from the past 3 RSI CC threads, and have come to the conclusion that... [ dramatic pause] ... you need to know something about programming even if it is calculator programming ;)</p>

<p>^ haha well i do know a little calculator programming so ... lol</p>

<p>alright nobody bothered to answer this, so I'll ask it again
can I pass computational biology off as a subfield of applied math?</p>

<p>this is unacceptable guys, the mites thread is already well into its second page</p>

<p>I'm interested in majoring in physics and/or math in college, but my research project now is in environmental engineering/alternative energy...which do you think I should put down as field, physics or environmental engineering? :p</p>

<p>I suggest you apply in environmental engineering for rsi AND for college, and just switch majors later. Besides, you need a secondary field anyway, so that's where physics would go.</p>

<p>alright nobody bothered to answer this, so I'll ask it again
can I pass computational biology off as a subfield of applied math?</p>

<p>^ yes u can i think a guy in 08 thread did.</p>

<p>How would publishing in a science mag look (not that I have, I just have a really good paper ive been working on for a while...)</p>