Research supplements

I recently participated in a science research program where I learned some wet lab research techniques and conducted some original research (nothing super fancy or prestigious though). As an extension to the program, I wrote a short scientific report and literature review (1000-2000 words each) on my research topic. I know that some schools allow applicants to submit research supplements, and I was wondering if I should submit any of the two papers I wrote. The problem is, I’m not sure if they’re actually any good. Should I take a risk and submit them? Or should I just say I wrote a scientific report and literature review when describing the research program in the activities section?

Some more general questions about research supplements:

  • What exactly counts as a research supplement (e.g. scientific report, literature review)? How long should it be?
  • How good should my paper be if I want to submit a research supplement? Can a mediocre one hurt my application?
  • Are research supplements usually reviewed by faculty members/professors?
  • Does submitting a research supplement add credibility to my research EC?


In general, you can assume that it is unlikely that anybody will read an unpublished research supplement (not especially likely that anybody would read a published one for that matter).
in general, you can assume that the AO will note that you have put down ‘research’ in your application & attached a supplement & will take that as essentially self-validation. IF your paper was published the AO might send it on to a relevant department or prof.
in general an AO will spend a total of 15-20 minutes on your whole app- checking your stats, your transcript, reading your LoRs, reading your essays.

tl:dr- very low risk, but also likely very low reward to sending it.