<p>For those of you that are in the BA/MD programs could you please email about your research experiences in high school? Thanks...</p>

<p>Let's keep the discussions here on the board where everyone can benefit. Thanks. Dr Sedrish</p>

<p>....not having done a substantial amount of research is my only regret, really, plowing through the ba/md admissions process....i tried at both local universities to attain a research position, but i was not allowed either only research experience (which isn't all thaaaat bad) was the summer after 10th grade when i attended governor's school at psu and did a genomic transformation research study with a psu prof....i mean it was enough for me to get a feel for the research end of medicine (you may disagree, saying that the time i spent was not significant enough).....but that's just me. anyways, if you're an underclassman, i'd definately suggest that you try your utmost to attain a research position.....use your contacts if whatever you can to GET IN A LAB... haha, i guess that question was directed at programmers, but i'm a prog applicant with regrets.....hopefully this helps.</p>

<p>general question to all ba/md ppl (successful programmers and applicants alike): what research have you guys done?</p>

<p>I worked at SUNY Stony brook for 2 summers in high school. The first summer I spent in a hematology lab studying the effects of nicotine on platelet activation. I got this job by attending a seminar by the guy who ran that lab and then e-mailing him and asking if I could work there.</p>

<p>The second summer, I was in the Garcia Center's High School Research Scholars program. There, I studied new methods of tissue engineering using polymer surfaces.
I got this experience by downloading the application from their website and filling it out...just a note on that program, they will provide you with housing on campus if you need it, and people come from as far away as TX to participate.</p>

<p>I hoped that helped you guys out, but feel free to ask more questions!</p>