<p>Anyone know how to contact a Stanford professor to ask about conducting a research project with him/her? I've heard this is only possible with "Local College Professors", however Stanford is the closest college to my house.</p>

<p>I'm hoping to begin something this summer, so is there a certain deadline for me to approach such a professor?</p>


<p>If field of research matters, which I assume it does, I'd be interested in any biological/medical/neuological study.</p>

<p>from my experience you should just go through the faculty directory and read up on some various labs. Find a few that interest you and directly e-mail the professor.</p>

<p>But will they respond to some random kid asking about a research project? I've heard it's hard enough for Stanford students to contact their professors?</p>

<p>And does my age matter? I'm a Freshman.</p>

<p>Wait. You're a high school freshman? I'd definitely say you're too young. Wait until your Junior year. Thats the best overdrive for college year. Because I don't think they would seriously consider you right now with dozens of similar offers from college kids wishing to pad their own graduate school applications.</p>

<p>Wait until junior year and then contact one through telephone, setting up a meeting to discuss the possible openings.</p>

<p>Hahaha yah it was just an idea. I'll still talk to a professor and see what comes of it. If I have to wait until Junior year(A likely verdict), then so be it.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice.</p>

<p>My advice is don't do research yet. You have years and years to be a resume inflating college or graduate student. Explore life and try to excel in ways other than inclass/in the lab work, whether it be through clubs or internships or otherwise.</p>

<p>Appreciate that you're still young and already ambitious about taking advantage of living in such a nice area and having gobs of intellectually ability!</p>

<p>i think you should start research as a freshman. why not??</p>

<p>the best projects for siemens, intel sts, and isef are multi-year projects. who knows? the professor might be really impressed with your drive that he would take you. there's no harm in trying.</p>

<p>my advice to you is this: if research is what you love, you should start as soon as possible to get your feet wet in the field of scientific research and maaaaaybe get a project that you can continue for a while</p>

<p>Yah that's what ideally would happen. I've done 10 hours so far with a Pulmonary Research Team running through the VA in Palo Alto, but this consists mostly of filing papers. Eventually(Come Summer) I should be able to conduct more thorough research. I will still contact Stanford and see what the deal is with those guys.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice.</p>