<p>I need some advice on how I can start up some research-My cousin who just graduated from Harvard U said that the school is a supporter of the Research Science Institute. If anyone can give my some advice on how to start this up, advice would be greatly appreciated.
a. Myelin Regeneration
b. Bone regeneration using stromal cells</p>

<p>Also, I am doing the DuPont essay contest, so I thought I could correlate my research and Essay..any ideas?</p>


<p>Have you ever volunteered at a lab? </p>

<p>Have you done any past science programs? You can get valuable contacts...</p>

<p>Are you taking any CC classes? (The reason I say this is because you could help with lab prep and this might help you when you email professors at universities and things of that nature.)</p>

<p>Also, there are many threads on the old forum (some specifically ABOUT getting research and the RSI ones) that are very helpful. I think the one floating around on this forum (RSI) has some valuable information about research as well. </p>

<p>Anyway, other CCers will provide you with more valuable information. </p>