Reserving Books

<p>haha sorry I just keep popping up with questions! :X</p>

<p>Did any of you use the book reservation status?
UCSD</a> Bookstore: Textbook Reservation Service</p>

<p>It sounds pretty convincing with all it offers since it picks up updated books, offers study guides etc, but is there a low chance that they'll get you used books? Would it be substantially more expensive than buying used books elsewhere?</p>


<p>I'd say you buy your books off Amazon or or something.</p>

<p>You are going to spend so much more money if you use the Campus bookstore. I usually start my search on amazon or and whatever I can't get there I end up buying in the bookstore, but only as a last resort. I even purchased my calculator from Amazon since i got it for about $50 less than what I could get it at a store.</p>

<p>How do we know what books we're going to need for our classes at UCSD? During class scheduling?</p>

<p>thanks you guys! and I do love Amazon ahaha :)</p>

<p>if any of you don't know yet, we get free Amazon Prime membership! (free 2-day shipping on items shipped from Amazon)
Amazon</a> Student
anywayyy, how/when do we know what books we need exactly?</p>

<p>edit: lol leukybear beat me to that last question XD so seconded!^</p>

<p>basically what I'm doing is</p>

<li>Do the reservation</li>
<li>After I get the classes I will check to see if I can get the books</li>
<li>Get the books shipped.</li>
<li>Take books to school</li>
<li>Go to bookstore to pick up reserved books, and immediately have the books you don't need refunded</li>

<p>... there's no need to use the reservation in the first place. you can find ALL the books on either facebook marketplace, uloop (Uloop</a> - UC San Diego (UCSD) Books & Textbooks For Sale),, amazon, or other used textbook sites.</p>

<p>don't buy new textbooks, they are worthless. even if you buy them new, and try to sell them after, you won't be able to sell them for anything remotely close to the price you bought it for. at least for used textbooks, i was able to buy them cheap and sell them at relatively the same price i bought them for, sometimes even making a profit. </p>

<p>some textbooks you need are "ucsd custom editions", and those might be a little harder to find, but you should be able to find them on facebook marketplace or uloop. if you dont know what facebook marketplace is, its an app on facebook where you can put up listings for various things. go find the app, click on textbooks, type in la jolla as your location, and type the name of your textbook and there will be listings from other students from ucsd selling them. uloop is basically the same thing but it is its own separate site. if you absolutely CAN'T find the ucsd custom editions on any of the sites i mentioned (though if you can't, you are probably not looking hard enough), then you can use the ucsd book store and buy them used. but just know you are getting ripped off hardcore.</p>

<p>to anyone who has taken chem6A, it says Principles Of General Chemistry w/ aris card (UCSD custom). I found the book on both amazon and but i have no idea what the aris card is... can anyone enlighten me? do i have to buy the entire book from UCSD?</p>


<p>It should be like a laminated binder insert to put in your binder with information that you readily consult... like the periodic table inserts they give out in high school chem.</p>

<p>is it possible to buy the textbook online and still get that sheet elsewhere? i feel i'll spend a lot more just for that if i have to buy the whole set at the bookstore...</p>

<p>Get a fellow classmate, friend, or dorm mate who has it to let you borrow their sheet to photocopy.</p>

<p>However some sites include it but just not include this fact in the site description.... them assuming that you know that it comes with one...</p>

<p>that was a really stupid question of me. definitely will just borrow someone's to photocopy haha</p>

<p>The Textbook Reservation Service is the biggest scam of all time. All they're really saying is "Pay us hundreds of extra dollars to save you the 20 minutes of finding your books online".</p>

<p>~~~~~~~~How do we know what books we're going to need for our classes at UCSD? During class scheduling? ~~~~~~~</p>

<p>Seems like you veterans overlooked this question; we newbies would definitely appreciate an answer. =)</p>

<p>If I already signed up for the book reservation service (stupidly) does the cost me money? Because now I realize how easy it is to just get my books elsewhere. Can you cancel it somehow or what?</p>

<p>@ leukybear: On TritonLink, you click on Classes and Waitlists, and then click All My Books, and it will give you a list of all the required and optional books.</p>

<p>@ ggeeoo: Call them and tell them to cancel, saying you found another means of getting your textbooks. That's what I did last year. I was like you and used the textbook reservation service and then I realized I could get all the books for half the price if I used 10 minutes of my time to look online, and called in and cancelled.</p>

<p>That makes sense thanks! I guess the link will appear after I enroll in classes. =S</p>

<p>thank you for the help everyone! :D</p>