Residence Hall Linens Program

<p>Did a search for this and didn't find too much....</p>

<p>Got the info in the mail today - please give your opinion - worth or not? My D (and myself for that matter) likes having a decent sheet set/thread count - I don't want to get anything that feels like cardboard...</p>

<p>I know Linens and Things and BBB sell extra long - where did you have the most success (please give pros/cons) of any of these 3 - Linens/Things, BBB, or RHL program...</p>

<p>I had luck at Kohls, but a lot of dept. stores have the "long" sheets, especially come mid-summer. And there will be a lot of back to school sales. I nixxed the company when a friend of mine said she ordered the sheets and they were "cheap". So I called up the company and asked for thread count- now I can't remember but it was low. You can call them and ask.</p>

<p>I think the consensus here on CC from many discussions each year about these offers is that no, it isn't worth it. :) Poor quality seems to be the main complaint.</p>

<p>Bed, Bath and Beyond has twin extra long sheets in an extensive variety of solid colors.</p>

<p>I think they are a good choice if you already have the comforter or quilt or blankets that you plan to use with those sheets. </p>

<p>However, if you would prefer to buy a complete coordinated set, Bed, Bath and Beyond only has a few options available, and some of them are not very attractive.</p>

<p>I thought that the sheets in the package offered thru S's school looked nice, so, in spite of advice to the contrary, we ordered them. I guess I thought that "these" would be better. Yuck: Stiff and scratchy. S stayed with them through freshman year (I wouldn't have if my mother had offered to replace them, as his VERY GENEROUS mother did!), and then I told him to get rid of them. We went to BBB for the replacements!</p>

<p>If you're just looking for a solid color sheet, regular twin size jersey sheets fit fine on the extra long twin dorm beds.</p>

<p>Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls, Tj Maxx, and Home Goods. The deep pocket fitted sheets fit the x-long twins. They range from $4.99 to $7.99 each, Nautica, Lauren, Tommy, we picked up some nice 400+ thread counts for $4.99.</p>

<p>Target also carries them, and JC Penney's, Kohls. Most carry the x-long twin starting in July/August. Some even now.</p>


<p>they are low thread count,D's roomate had them.
Extra longs are available mostly everywhere beginning in July.even wal Mart.Regular jersey sheets stretch to fit,maybe its the skinny width of the mattresses that allow the regulars to fit,even with the foam egg crate underneath.And regular sized comforters fit fine since they dont have to go all the way to the top of the mattress anyway..theres just less to fold over at the head of the bead.</p>

<p>Found some nice, verrrrry affordable ones last year after Aug 1 at JCPenney. Nicer quality than those at Linens n Things - believe they were $15 a set</p>

<p>Here's a little hint for those with boys: my son would have slept on the same unwashed sheet for an entire year, so when we moved him in, I put 2 fitted sheets on his bed and mid way through the semester, if he hadn't gotten around to washing his sheet, I would remind him that if he took off the top one, there was a clean one underneath all ready to go. At least I knew that he had "changed" his sheet at least once during the semester (or was it once a year?).</p>

That is hilarious about the double sheeting! Makes me wonder, however, if my S ever changed his sheets on a regular basis....hmmm...and here I have been assuming for the past four years that he would do it at least every two weeks.</p>

<p>Double sheeting is hilarious and a GREAT idea!!!!</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the honest opinions - I'm not going to order via the mailing - this is why I love CC - thanks for all your helping hands!</p>

<p>Land's End also has the extra long if you want good quality, kind of pricey, but very nice sheets.</p>

<p>The RHL sheets are pretty enough for me. they are very plain and i want my bed to look comfy for my frosh year. That said, i also am very spoiled with my 350-thread count to 500- thread count sheets and my satin pillow cases. All this stuff was very affordable.</p>

<p>You can get a higher thread count in the RHL for I think $5 more if you order by phone - takes them up to 225 instead of 175 if I remember correctly. My son couldn't tell the difference but really liked the pattern much more than the ones at BBB or L&T or Kohl's. He said they were fine.</p>

<p>I love the idea of double sheeting - I changed his sheets at Parent Weekend, then I think he put may have put the clean ones on when he switched dorms right before Thanksgiving, then never again! And they probably hold up better if you never wash them!</p>

<p>I second the jersey sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. We did get the twins XLs though. Daughter will be a college senior in August and has used the same two sets the past three years - they held up great, are soft, and the jersey stretches enough to fit most any bed.</p>

<p>My daughter loves the beech jersey sheets from BBB - they are really soft. They come in x long twin.</p>

<p>I am still chuckling about the double sheeting. You may think this suggestion only applies to a boy - but I have a daughter that would benefit from this set-up. </p>

<p>I am so glad I read this thread. We were considering buying from the online offer -but when they didn't mention thread count, I was afraid they would be stiff and scratchy. I guess I can't do anything about the cleanliness factor - but at least I can make sure my daughter's less than clean sheets are at least soft.</p>

<p>I am assuming that the towels that are offered through the college are equally poor in quality. </p>

<p>I am a big fan of the textured spa towels from Penneys. Because of the different levels of nap (can't think of how else to describe) they seem to dry very quickly.</p>

<p>I had a very bad experience with Residence Hall Linens in 2002. My son was going to school on the opposite coast and I had requested that the linens be shipped to the school, not our home. They were shipped to our home and it took me hours of phone calls to get them to pick them up. When we got his order at the school, the towels were missing and I had to run to a store to buy him some. We had waited until late in the day to pick up the linens, as we were doing other things and did not anticipate a problem. Because the time was short before parents had to leave, I missed the opening ceremony at his school in order to buy the towels. I now realize that all the stores near his college (Target, etc) were fully stocked with linens in anticipation of arriving freshman and it was not necessary to use Residence Hall linens. I would not recommend them.</p>

<p>There are a whole series of threads about what to buy, where to buy and what to avoid. You will find the consensus is to avoid the "deals" colleges offer. BBB seems to be the favorite, especially if your student is moving far away.</p>