Residencies Abroad

<p>I was wondering, if I get my MD from the U.S., how hard would it be for me to obtain a residency (Internal Med, or some sort of surgery) in Canada or the U.K.? </p>

<p>I ask this because I don't really want to stay in the US my whole life, and if I am going to be a doctor, the best time to relocate would be before my residency, because the MD is transferrable all over the world, but residencies are not honoured between countries.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input!</p>

<p>For Canada, it's difficult for foreign med graduates to get a residency; my understanding is that the first round of residency matches is reserved for Canadian graduates, and then IMGs can try to match during the second round. This is obviously more difficult, since there are fewer spots left, and they may not be in the areas you want. </p>

<p>Edit: Just found a website, and apparently US graduates are not considered IMGs in Canada, and can apply for Canadian residencies with a few restrictions. See Your</a> Medical Education & Training Background</p>

<p>Edit: Looking at that site and the CaRMS site, it actually looks like while US med graduates are not considered IMGs, many provinces require applicants to be Canadian citizens/PRs in order to apply for the residency. But, many (not all though) US programs are considered equivalent to the Canadian training program, so if you did your residency in the US, it would be easier to transfer those credentials into Canada than if you came from another part of the world.</p>