Residency Error? Please Help!

<p>I checked my my.ucf account today and saw that I was accepted for Fall 2012! I was very excited (UCF is my top choice). But under the Additional Information section, it read "You have been classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes. Please note that this does not constitute your official residency status. This will be confirmed by your fee invoice once registration has been completed." I am a little confused by this, as they should've seen that my transcripts came from Michigan. Also on my.ucf Student Center, my address is correctly listed (OOS) and it says NFLA resident. Furthermore, upon sending in my application I received conformation of my major and my residency status said Non-Florida. Despite this, I'm still worried because I know it is more difficult for OOS students to be accepted and I was a borderline applicant. So, I'm wondering if I was considered a Florida resident in the application review process and if this was an error and that my acceptance may be revoked :/ On my.ucf it the disclaimer says “Any offer of admission on your myUCF account is not considered official until confirmed by receipt of a letter from the Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions confirming the offer.” </p>

<p>Also, my application conformation listed the incorrect major (Interdisciplinary Studies) and my desired major is International Relations. On the email it said if any of this information is incorrect please email UCF operations and did not give a phone number. So, I emailed UCF operations with this information and never received a response? Does this mean that they saw and just didn’t tell me or should I call?</p>

<p>Any advice/input would really mean a lot to me. Thanks so much guys :)</p>

<p>This occured to my friend, Matt, too. We're located in Illinois (Chicago) and it said he was a resident, when he was, in fact, not. I would suggest calling or emailing admissions soon about it, because their office closes this friday. They fixed it for him, and he was still able to keep his acceptence. Then again, do as you may. One of my teachers is a University of Florida graduate, and he claimed resident of florida for cheaper tuition...even though he lived in Illinois. Yes, wrong, but not ONCE did they question it.</p>

<p>ANONYMOUSLY, contact admissions and ask ! When you get the right answer, contact admissions another day and if the change doesn’t effect your admissions status, then correct the information. Something tells me that they will eventually find out anyways.</p>

<p>First off thanks guys! Also, I never recieved an email about my application status change.</p>

<p>@daviddj, Call admissions and ask what? I guess I'm not sure how I'd pose that question to them anonymously.</p>

<p>@WRITEfluidity, I think I might just leave it for them to figure out. If they don't notice it I won't complain. :)</p>

<p>That's what my teacher said:) </p>

<p>Are the nerve hitting yet, or coming from out of state? If everyone works out well (complicated situation for me) then I'll be coming from Illinois.</p>

<p>My oldest D attended FSU and we are FL residents. I distinctly remember that at one point or another she had to submit proof of residency. It may have been car registrations, voter's registrations cards- not sure.</p>

<p>However, there is more too it than just pretending you are a FL resident.</p>

<p>Lol what?!
How could you even get away w it? I just filled out an app for USF and they immediately sent me a letter stating I need to send documents of proof of my residency even though I haven't even paid the app fee and haven't even had a chance yet to photocopy my resident card and gather all my other info to mail off bc I filled out the app only just on Monday.
I don't know how strict UCF is and how on top of it they are but they may request more info from you...your vehicle registration and drivers license. </p>

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<p>Well like I said earlier, when I applied I declared myself a non-resident. So if UCF messed that up, it's on them not on me. I also applied to USF and UF, and I distinctly remember both of those applications having strict residency requests. I'm pretty sure UCF will catch the error when they send my bill, but for now I wouldn't mind paying half. It's not on my conscience, as I did not maliciously list myself as a FL student. My only worry is that my admission could be revoked:/</p>

<p>My recommendation would be to not go out of your way to correct them. Stay quiet and act like you never noticed. Sooner or later when you are on campus they will advise you of the error and you can act surprised.</p>

<p>This UCF admissions office is a piece of work.......</p>

<p>Oh, also, Tengopregunta- you are a Spanish speaker living in Michigan? </p>

<p>We are used to Espanol in Florida- but Michigan, lol.</p>

<p>Thats what I was planning on doing. But is there any reason I didn't receive an email about the change of my application status? I've gotten other emails from my.ucf so this worries me. And how long does it usually take to receive the acceptance letter in the mail?
I study Spanish, but I don't speak Spanish at home. Metro-Detroit (Michigan) is actually a super diverse place. I guarantee if you go to the mall you will easily here 20+ different languages being spoken (Spanish included). I really love it, just not the weather lol.</p>

<p>If I remember correctly we did not see an email for a day or two on the change in status, and I have heard of some people never getting it. The snail mail letter took about a week to arrive, but with the holidays I wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed a little. Congratulations on your acceptance!</p>

<p>Did you have Fl Pre Paid ?ution? That is usually what it means by "Fl resident for tution purpose".</p>

<p>Yeah, I would just stay silent, until they mention something. Gosh, what is going ON over there? Looks like they're a bit disorganized. Hey, if you get away with it, you get away with it, it's not YOUR fault:)</p>