Resident status and Tuitions

<p>I heard that if someone studies in University of Michigan for more than one year, then he/she can apply for the resident status of Michigan, and the tuition and fees will be lower. Is that true? I've not got any information about this on the official website of UM yet.</p>

<p>I'll really appreciate your response.</p>

<p>PS: I'm an international student.</p>

<p>No, not true at all.</p>

<p>100% incorrect. As an international, you will have absolutely no financial aid or scholarship. If your parents are not able to pay $40,000/year, you should not bother with Michigan.</p>

<p>No financial aid at all? I cannot believe it...</p>

<p>Believe it! Amazing that Michigan still manages to attract one of the largest and most qualified international student bodies. 1,300 undergrads and over 3,000 graduate students at any point in time to be precise.</p>

<p>Alexandre, I want to be clear. You are talking about need based aid, not merit based aid, correct?</p>

<p>OK guys, it's time for me to decide where to go to college. I am a Canadian living in Windsor, Ontario. I was accepted at U of M early response and it has always been my dream of attending. I hope to eventually have a career in medicine. Unfortunately, U of M does not accept int'l students to it's medical school. I would have to return to Canada or be admitted to a US private school. My parents don't think U of M is worth it. Currently, OOS costs are around 43 grand. My question do you guys is: Is U of M worth making my parents shell out that kind of cash or should I stay in Canada for my undergraduate education?</p>

<p>I might add that I would attend LSA. I bet most of the int'l students are in CoE, right??</p>

<p>SBDad, Michigan does not give any sort of aid to international students, need or merit based.</p>

<p>ndsai I would suggest you consider McGill. Excellent academics and their strength is in the sciences. Will be considerably less than OS tuition and although not equal, an excellent school. Besides Monreal is an awesome place.</p>

<p>ndsai, roughly 50% of undergraduate International students are enrolled in the college of Engineering or the Business school. The remaining 50% are in the colleges of LSA.</p>

<p>Is MI worth it 00S?!</p>