Residential college info sought-lots of questions

<p>Does anyone have any direct experience with this school? Does it have the feel of a LAC? Do the students mix with the rest of the university? How is the quality of the ed? Social life? Male-fem. ratio? Is it harder to get into than the main univ.?
Many thanks.</p>

<p>My son is a freshman in the RC. The language requirement is tough. It does have the feel of a LAC. The classes are small. You are give written assessments along with your grades and they become part of your permanent record. The quality of the education is fantastic. My son has a creative writing class that is one on one. I would say that is pretty unusual for a university that has 35,000 or so students.</p>

<p>There are some who say the RC kids are weird, but I have not seen a single one yet. They all look like regular human beings. ;)</p>

<p>The RC kids do intermingle with the population at large. I know my son has a class outside of the RC. That is pretty common. The nice thing is that they can take all RC classes if they plan carefully. It is probably a nice thing to be able to roll out of bed and into class without going outside in the winter.</p>

<p>I think the male-female ratio is about 50-50.</p>

<p>If you haven't already, try to visit and see for yourself. The people at the RC were more than willing to sit down and discuss what they had to offer. I am glad my son is in the RC.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information. My daughter is actually very strong in french and hopes to study it in college so the language piece is a plus. And being able to roll out of bed and into class is a perk!</p>

<p>east quad definately attracts a "different" group of people</p>