Resolve a conflict in two ECs without problems!

<p>My son has been chosen to be among the leads who will represent his school for a debate team (8 student are chosen: 4 Advance staing and 4 novice). First time he is chosen to head the advance team and he may have a good chance to perform very well in the debate. This debate takes place from 12 to 4 PM in a school which is one hour away from his current school. However, he is also a part of the school chorus which is performing a vocal concert between 3-4 PM same day. </p>

<p>He wants to get out of his concert. I advised him to go what his heart wants. Unfortunately, he is being told that he made his committement to music first, as the concert was listed two months ago. I can see the teacher point. But my son will be very disappointed if he is not allowed to go to debate. How we can reovle this issue and help him? Any advice!</p>

<p>I would suggest that your son talk to his GC and to the principal and ask for their advice, presenting the case not so much in terms of what HE wants, but what is best for the SCHOOL. If I were the principal or GC, I would advise the student to go where he represents the school, i.e., the debate team. The chorus probably can do with one less voice. This would dissipate the music teacher's irritation with him.</p>

<p>mathmajor--did this get resolved?</p>