Response to Byerly, others in main board

<p>I'm practically having to restrain myself from going to the Harvard board and making vermillion posts about the crime rate, sex assault cases, the professor-thief, Summers' fiascos, and others. </p>

<p>These p.o.s. will not change no matter what you tell them. If you respond to the eunuch, you will merely be returning the page back to the top of the page. The thread was one of the most viewed rants. I'm afraid that that the thread might possibly turn away many an applicant who's visiting the main board.</p>

<p>Any suggestions on how to respond to this?</p>

<p>seriously, if you simply go to harvard's student newspaper, <a href=""&gt;;/a>, and enter "assault," "robbed," "shot," "groped," "mugged," "murder," and other keywords of the sort into the search box, you will get many articles. as of late, it seems like theres at least one such new incident a week that is reported in the crimson. in fact, there's a story in the latest edition on the homepage now about an assault. when byerly reacts to a posted story that "is of interest to harvard students," ask him why he's "so defensive."</p>

<p>admittedly, a childish thing to do to stoop to his/her level. just pointing out the fact that byerly is latching onto this particular incident at princeton because it is so rare, isolated, and bizarre for the princeton campus.....the same may not be said about harvard. let me be clear tho...i don't take anything away from harvard for it, as it is simply in a different environment than princeton (urban v. suburban). But, if byerly is going to make sweeping generalizations or imply that princeton is not safe because of this incident, why can't the same be done based on the many stories reported in the crimson?</p>

<p>so just to make clear, i dont think we should actually initiate new threads with harvard incidents either on the harvard board or pton board. let byerly's inferiority complex/insecurity take center stage. we are above that...any thread that we start about harvard would only reflect negatively on us and Princeton (as it has for byerly and Harvard when s/he starts threads about Pton).</p>

<p>perhaps, a tit-for-tat response would work. for every new thread or reply byerly posts about the incident at princeton, simply reply to the thread (don't start a new thread!) with a link to a harvard incident. keep repeating with new links to different incidents for every byerly reply...don't even add any commentary or reply to his posts, JUST the link. i think this would serve several purposes (1) since we are NOT starting a new thread on the harvard or even princeton board, but simply replying, it demonstrates that WE are not the ones initiating this BS (i.e., it is his/her inferiority complex, not ours) and (2) hopefully, it would serve to discourage byerly from continuing with this as each reply from him/her simply results in a new incident about harvard and the thread returning to the top for more and more people to see/read about crime at harvard. when he stops replying, WE stop replying.</p>

<p>all that being said, however, i would also advocate just letting it be. his/her posts already speak volumes of the kind of person s/he is, his/her agenda and biases, and his/her insecurities. yes, i admit it does get under my skin too and i also admit that ive already given him/her more of my time than its worth(in my writing the last two posts)...but maybe we should just suck it up, refrain from having an emotional reaction to his posts and not reply at all. remember, it's just a message board...and less than 1% of college-bound applicants even read this site. his message does NOT have a very wide reach.</p>

<p>some final perspective. for just ONE of us posters on this message board who have been admitted to one or more of HYP, there are HUNDREDS more who have been admitted to HYP who have never even heard of this site. don't confuse the local (this message board) with the universal (the entire pool of people admitted to HYP). byerly's message is really not influencing that many people at all (if anyone).</p>

<p>Would a request to the moderators to deal with the post do any good? Or maybe a request to freaking ban Byerly from the Princeton board since he is SO FRACKING ANNOYING?</p>

<p>die byerly, die...</p>

<p>i think banning byerly from the board WOULD make him die...from what i gather, this board---sadly---IS HIS's all he's got. Don't take it away from him! :)</p>

<p>I'm from the Brown board, but I just want to say that I think Princeton's awesome, in spite of this one sicko guy. (I know many people who know what happened, don't really care and are going to Princeton anyway!) And I DON'T think highly of Byerly's attempts to undermine every non-Harvard school.</p>

<p>P05 is definitely right. The Princeton kids are too cool to stoop to Byerly's level.</p>