Restart GPA

I have attended Cal State LA, didn’t do too well, went to Glendale Community College, currently attending Fresno City College, lol yes 3 schools. My question would be is it even possible to literally start all over as if you are a freshman? I’m tired of going to the community college and taking the buses and it delays, rather start ALL OVER and attend Fresno State University? Which by the way is down the block from my house, so I would just have to walk it and save time. Please help me out ASAP!! Thank you in advance!

If you meet the requirements and complete the application process, you can attend Fresno State as a Transfer Student. You’re ineligible to be a Freshman due to having taken college classes after high school.

For what it’s worth, your GPA at Fresno State will be 0.00 should you transfer.

I am not done with the City College, what requirements do I need? Please Help me

I just want to start ALL OVER, can’t i just send my high school transcript?

No you don’t get to start over as a freshman, but you can look into being a transfer student.

Even if I haven’t complete my two years?

Yes, you absolutely would have to apply as a transfer student.

Don’t I have to complete a certain amount of units in order to do so? And which department(s) should I call?

You cannot apply as a freshman. You would be a transfer student. There are no do-overs.
And please do not post the same question in multiple forums.

You will need to provide the transcript of every college you attended. No getting around it.

No, you can’t start all over. There is a national database that shows your information, including all transcripts and schools you attended. You can’t omit any information about your academic career.

Here’s everything you need to know about transferring to Fresno state. Applications for fall 2019 open October 1st.

Since you are local you have an advantage.

I don’t have a problem with that but please tell me my steps I need to do

In your other identical post someone was kind enough to give you instructions from the website. If you have questions, contact the admissions department at the college.


You would need 60 semester/90 quarter units to transfer to CSU Fresno. You can use You select Fresno City college as your college and Fresno state as your target college. You also specify your major and it should list all required courses needed for transfer. Fresno City college will have transfer advisors whom will help you through the process.