Restricted Early Action & Early Decision

Would I be able to apply to a school that has Restricted Early Action and another school that has Early Decision? I understand that if I were to be accepted to that school early decision I would HAVE to go, but if I don’t, it would be nice to have submitted the other application early instead of regular decision.

No. That is why it is called Restricted Early Action.

You need to read the details of the REA policy for the college you are interested in but generally you cannot. Some REA schools do allow applications to rolling admission/public colleges. Again, read the details of the REA program carefully and follow their rules.

Restricted Early Action colleges typically do not want you applying binding Early Decision anywhere else (among often other restrictions) if you apply Restricted Early Action, but you need to read the exact conditions at each Restricted Early Action college.

@ucbalumnus @happy1 @skieurope thank you guys for the responses!