Restrictive early action

so while I was doing the common application, I had to fill in the box where you have to put regular decision/restrictive early action. So for instance, the deadline for regular decision said 1st of January whereas the restrictive early decision choice said 11th of January. What is “restrictive early action” and how can the deadline be after that for regular decision?
FYI I’m applying for a number of schools including George Washington uni, Amherst and Princeton.

Any light shed on what exactly “restrictive early action” entails would be super helpful!!

REA can mean slightly different things at different colleges. Many REA deadlines have passed. In a two second check it looks like in addition to RD, GW has ED and ED2, Amherst has ED (deadline passed) and Princeton has SCEA (deadline has passed).

In any event the restrictions should be clearly defined on the website of the college you are applying to. You should be able to do your research on each college website and get the answers you need.