Results can't get any more late :/

Chance me !

Since Bucknell announced decisions are out on 18th December , the anxiety and self doubt are setting in. Can you guys chance me ? I feel like I’m gonna get rejected so honest answers pls

My SAT score is 80 points less than their median
High school grades are good and I did take advanced level classes
Both teacher recoms are strong
Essay has been said to be good by people who got into similar selective schools .
I have an optional recommendation from someone I mentored so I hope my leadership abilities shine through it.

Ecas - scientific research for 3 years at a hospital , volunteered for 150+hours with autistic children , founder of a sustainable fashion brand looking for investment capital, art and manga , sold art to raise money for refugee crisis.
Bucknell supplement : I chose bio not only because I love the subject but also to find answers to genetic diseases as I lost a sister to one in infancy.

First generation college kid,female.
Major :biology
Minor : psychology
International student
Asked for aid.
Applied early decision 1

Hello, I’m an international student too. I applied for a Biology major. Which country are you in?

Your chances are quite high.

I’m south East Asian what about you

What’s your sat score ?

AND Did you apply for aid too?

I’m West African

I got 1380; 610 in Verbal and 770 in Math

I did apply for aid