Results for BU 7 Year Med. Program/Trustee Scholarship

<p>Hey guys so I'm considering applying for both the 7-yr med program and the trustee scholarship and was just wondering if some current members/recipients could post their stats. I'm just curious as to what they look for and what their main focus is (grades, ECs, etc.). Also, for the med. program members, could you elucidate as to how your experience as been with the program. Any regrets???

<p>Trustee scholars are at the top of the food chain, among top 1% of admits, and BU generally enrolls over 700 valedictorians a year (MIT 440 or so but with a much smaller sample size). My experience as an alum, and someone who stays informed is that national honors help, national merit, a recruited top student from another part of the country, etc. As far as the 7 year med program goes, its non-stop, semesters and summers. However, if you want to learn medicine, Boston is the place to be, especially with booming biotech and research labs being built in Boston and Cambridge. My brother was a doc., Tufts undergrad, Johns Hopkins Medical, internship and residency in Boston (BIH) led breakthrough research while at Joslin Diabetes Clinic, and a stint on the Harvard Medical School faculty, before he went west to have his own clinic. Its an intense experience. Hopkins is a great place, perhaps the best to learn, but Boston has all the hospitals, teaching and research and to reiterate, biotech is booming and breakthroughs will occur, as a result. If you're shaving every other day, you still have plenty of time to think about things ;-) Think about mapping out the next 7-8 years of your life, and what you want to include - and what your not going to have a lot of time for. I got a feeling that you are going to do your skating at night. Take care, Mr. VC</p>

<p>Thank you very much for that reply mrvc. Anyone else wanna state their opinion or their stats?</p>


<p>I've heard that students accepted into BU's 7 year med program are usually cross admits to top Ivies (regular programs).</p>