<p>Hey fellow CCers</p>

<p>I've been thinking of writing a resum</p>

<p>Many people submit resumes when they feel that the Common Application won't accommodate them fully. Just make sure you keep it to a page.</p>

<p>Here is the application, by the way: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I would only do it if you think it's absolutely necessary. </p>

<p>Apparently, Stanford (and top schools in general) hate all the extra stuff applicants throw in. It says on their website that unwanted supplementary materials will be "destroyed". :O</p>


<p>Thanks for the input and the link. I've actually already seen that application and I don't really know if there's enough space for me to elaborate on the EC's. Of course, that seems to be the paper application, so things could be different online once that respective version goes online. </p>

<p>Did you write one for your application?</p>


<p>Can you please define "absolutely necessary"? Would it be only if I feel that there is not enough room in which to write about specific details. I did see that. I was just thinking that maybe it would mean more to have certain items fleshed out rather than just "blah blah blah - 300 hours" - it just doesn't seem very intriguing to me, but maybe an adcom wouldn't want to bother reading it.</p>

Did you write one for your application?


<p>I am a rising high-school senior and have not yet decided whether I will append a resume.</p>

<p>stanford does not accept or consider resumes.
if received, resumes and all supplementary materials (except for the 1 rec, arts supplement, athletic supplement, or other explicitly stated materials) will be discarded by the admissions office and not considered.</p>

<p>@silverturtle: i never knew you were a rising senior. i always thought you were a graduate from your posts. i commend your vast knowledge of the college app process :)</p>

stanford does not accept or consider resumes.


<p>Thanks for the information; I was not aware that Stanford had this policy.</p>

<p>In the 09-10 Application Instructions, it says "Please do not send any additional materials which are not specifically requested in the application. This includes school or work resumes, research papers, and writing samples, as they will not be considered." The policy has been there for a few years I believe. Stanford has one of the most streamlined/restricted application processes of the top universities.</p>

<p>Anecdote: My school automatically sends our resume with each transcript, so I sent Stanford Admissions an email to let them know, and they said they would just throw it away anyway.</p>