resume accuracy question:mechanical & aerospace engineering

<p>i only realized recently that </p>

<p>i have mechanical engineering degree, not mechanical & aerospace engineering degree.</p>

<p>ok. you can call me really stupid, dumb whatever... but because the department itself is M&AE and all courses were called M&AE, i had automatically assumed i'm an Mech&Aero eng graduate, not simply Mech Eng. (-_-;;;;;;; how surprising i realized this only now)</p>

<p>the problem is, i have always wrote on my resume:</p>

<p>BS in mechanical & aerospace engineering.</p>

<p>is this a serious breach of the factual accuracy on the resume?</p>

<p>I think you should fix this error now. Reading "BS in mechanical & aerospace engineering" leads me in the direction of believing you were a double major. I would fix the error now. You may try to avoid the subject by offering to give any companies an "updated" resume, but not specifically saying you wrote down your major wrong.</p>

<p>Am I correct in assuming you've already graduated? If not, then an additionally more correct phrase would be to put your expected graduation date in the same area (you do not have the degree until you graduate, it is just in process).</p>

<p>Some people may consider it "serious," and others not. It is all in how you handle fixing the mistake.</p>

<p>kwtortoise/ i actually graduated already.</p>

<p>is it smart thing to tell the employer during the interview that;</p>

<p>"Mr.___. Just to correct any confusion: my major is mechanical engineering. the department was called the school of mechanical&aerospace engineering, but the degree itself is called BS mechanical engineering."</p>

<p>would this correction to the employer work enough?</p>

<p>I think that'd be okay. It's not really a huge deal. My degree is technically an MS in Civil Engineering but everyone called my area the "structures program," which is very different from the other civil engineering programs. To clarify, I typically say I got a masters in structural engineering, since that's essentially what it was. (It does, however, say "MSCE-Structural Concentration" on my resume.) </p>

<p>It's probably still best to make the correction and notify employers during phone interviews, but I think it's fairly clear that you're not trying to mislead them, particularly if you took a few aerospace engineering courses, and I seriously doubt they're going to care that much.</p>

<p>(All the folks I've seen who've had double majors have listed them separately on their resumes, just to be completely clear that they're overachievers... ;) Anyhoo, a "Bachelors of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering" would be fairly feasible as a single major, so I wouldn't tend to read that as claiming a double major.)</p>

<p>This is a big deal. If they ask to see your diploma/transcripts and you only have 1 thing listed...</p>

<p>Did you have any aerospace courses???</p>