Resume Design

<p>I'm applying for two internships this summer and I need to send in a resume. I have a strong draft of my resume finished but there are some points I'd like to ask everyone's advice on/about. </p>

<p>What general things should be included? Currently I have a listing of my major clubs that I've taken big leadership in and some notable achievments in them [2 of them with achievments listed, 2 of them with just position listed] and then an Honors/Awards section where I listed about 4 awards, and then my SAT scores and good SAT II scores [they dont want a SAT score report, so I'm putting it here]. Should I put my SAT scores in a format such as 2260/2400 or just 2260? Since I'm not sure if they know what an SAT is out of since they accept applicants from college too. </p>

<p>Anything else I should include?</p>

<p>what is the internship for? when i applied for a journalism internship, I included relevant classes (such as journalism, photography, computer design, etc)and skills (experience with design software, etc)
hopefully that helps in some way</p>

<p>It's a political internship [One is with my Senator, one with my Congressman]</p>

<p>Bump. I have actually have to submit it quite soon...</p>

<p>Okay well it sounds like you covered everything that is worth noting in your resume already, i would put it as 2260/2400 because you are right they might not know. i know when i made a resume in a class i took we were instructed to include an education section, and our SAT or ACT score was included there along with gpa, relevant classes, etc. there isn't really a set formula you know, but that is what i was instructed to do by someone who looks at a lot of resumes!</p>