resume part 2

<p>do you include high school stuff (other than the fact that you got a diploma) on a resume?? (I'm talking about for grad school, etc.)</p>

<p>Not for grad school. In fact, after freshman year in college, you probably would not need to put anything from h.s. on your resume unless you had done something extraordinary in h.s. I would put "National Merit Scholar" and "valedictorian" in this category.</p>

<p>I doubt that you'll need to send a resume when you apply to grad school.</p>

<p>I agree with Northstarmom. For the most part you don't even write resumes for grad school, but you might do that for your first job after college. And for those you could well list certain major achievements such as NM winner or state/national debate champion or other major state/national -- a few things that signal extremely high intellectual or other achivements, not the typical list of EC's.</p>

<p>North and mack: That's not my experience. In the sciences (and in the humanities, from what I've heard from friends), a curriculum vitae--an "academic resume" that outlines what you have done during your undergraduate years--is a welcome addition to the application package, even if the forms do not explicitly ask for one. </p>

<p>Bluealien: Are you an undergraudate?</p>

<p>RF, I've done graduate admissions (in a social science) for many years and never saw a resume. We had our own forms, and in particular the personal career statement was the critical document. For sure we were interested in research experience and achievements (including any publications) but this was something that we captured in the career statement and not in a traditional resume. In any case, the OP's question referred to high school achievements, not to college achievements. And except for a few rather exceptional topics these are likely to be irrelevant to graduate admissions.</p>

<p>i thought you put stuff like community service that your did in honor societies, the honor societies you belong to, clubs associated with your major, etc. for college? do you not put that either??</p>

<p>Do you put that stuff? Not on our forms. We aren't interested in clubs and such activity. It's a PhD program. We're interested in experiences relevant to research and teaching, and we're interested in details of the undergrad training program and transcript (not just GPA) that speak to qualifications for the PhD. If your service/club activities in college are relevant to the PhD program (this could well be true in some fields), then either they will ask about it in their forms or you should work it into your essay/career objectives statement. And of course we do solicit letters of recommendation, which also testify to character as well as academic qualifications.</p>

<p>my university has sample resumes with that stuff on it though.</p>

<p>So did mine -- for job seekers, not applicants to grad school. But as I said, resumes may be appropriate for some grad schools and types of programs. </p>

<p>The larger issue is what sorts of activities -- from high school and college -- one should be trying to report when one is applying for a job or a grad school. Another issue is in what form or format this should be done. This thread started out with a question about high school activities. Now you're asking about college activities (which is fine, but also a different question).</p>