Resume Question

<p>Hope this is the right section to ask this question. Alright, so I know my resume is really lacking. I don't have much work experience so I'd really like to try to incorporate as much as I can into my resume. I have some hobbies such as translating (from Chinese to English) and subbing Chinese music videos on Youtube, as well as being a forum moderator/translating Chinese entertainment news to English at a forum. Will I be able to include those things on my resume or will it just make me look silly by including it? If I should include it, what section should put it under? Volunteer experience? Hobbies? Etc?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Hobbies really don't have a place on a resume.</p>

<p>Try and find some volunteer experience that you can formally apply your talent. Maybe an association for Chinese immigrants.</p>

<p>In the meantime, look into formal training (certifications, seminars, courses) for translation. That is a good skill to have, what you need is a paper trail to reinforce your skill. Even if you are a native speaker, you still need to show that you are properly trained and educated.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>if you are fluent in Chinese, you can include it in your resume under skills and it will be very valuable.</p>

<p>what editing program/ do you use to input those translations?</p>

<p>you can write that under the "skills" section of your resume.</p>

<p>As for being the forummoderator, i would still put that down on your resume but it shouldn't be the only thing on there! =D</p>

<p>Being a forum moderator is a lot of work and you have skills that a lot of online bloggers use. Let me know if you need any help writing your descriptions. =]</p>

<p>Leave the youtube videos off. </p>

<p>As for being a forum moderator, if you're applying for a job directly related to translation and/or social networking, then go ahead and put it on there. But if, say, you're applying at a law firm, bank or other business (for a non-social-networking-related job) then for your own sake leave it off; to them it looks silly. </p>

<p>I second what Beast said; try to find some good volunteer jobs to pad your resume. FYI, if you have little to no formal work experience, don't expect a "good" job straight out. Most companies expect some level of formal experience (and no, being a forum moderator does not count), so you may have to "pay your dues" at a crappy job while you build up your resume.</p>