Resume vs. CV

<p>I am planning to work in a lab as a resident's assistant next semester. I need to submit a CV, but I do not know if mine is acceptable.</p>

<p>I have my college resume, which I think is a CV as well.</p>

<p>Included in the "CV" are:
contact info
Education - HS and College with graduation dates, test scores, gpa
Honors and awards such as academic awards and scholharships
ECs such as sports, clubs, etc
community service</p>

<p>each activity or service has a 1-2 line description to it along with dates and positions. also the "CV" is 3 pages long in 11pt font and tiny margins</p>

<p>please help. i do not know what to submit, or if what i have is a cv or resume. also i am a first year undergrad so i do not have anything to write about my first 3-4 months. is it bad to write things i did in hs and send it?</p>

<p>Resume = CV..</p>

<p>If, as a first year college student, your resume is 3 pages long you're doing it wrong. Fit it on one page, nothing you've done so far is that important. </p>

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<p>well everything is from hs lol</p>

<p>i did nothing in college yet lol</p>

Resume = CV..


<p>A resume and a CV are different. A CV is longer and more detailed. You can almost think of a Resume as a shortened version of the CV. </p>

<p>Resumes are typically used in the US, CV's are used in Europe and in academia. In the OP's situation, simply submitting a resume is probably fine.</p>

<p>^what if everything is from baseball, clubs, etc.</p>

<p>it seems pretty useless since im applying for a ra position in a lab....i have nothing to put from my first semester of college</p>

<p>If you're a first semester freshman, no one expects more on your resume than your college GPA, college major, objective, and maybe a high school job.</p>