<p>What are good things I could do to add to resume before I apply for college?
(I have yet to take the ACT & SAT yet)
This is what I currently have listed:</p>

<p>GPA: 5.25
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
5 years of Spanish
Eagle Scout
4 years of a UIL sanctioned sport (3 varsity)
Lettered 3 years
The last 2 years I have been working at a Non-for-profit (YMCA)
The last year I have working for a business that tutors kids as a tutor (Gideon)<br>
Member of the Red Cross Club & held officer positions the last 2 years
Volunteer at Parkland hospital in Dallas during the summers</p>

<p>Oh and also took almost all AP classes</p>

<p>*that were available</p>