retake 1390?? (combined)

<p>i got 570V 780M in May
610V 710M in october...should I retake it in december??
i dunno if my verbal will go up a lot more...i dunno if i should retake it......
i broke 600 in verbal though (english=not native language)
i'm good at vocab parts of the test, but I get more than 10 wrongs on reading secition.....</p>

<p>nah, 1390 is pretty good :), plus, improving in verbal is way too difficult. i would stay and start on the SATiis</p>

<p>raising verbal is difficult- agree with newby. I spent a whole year doing nothing but verbal. One year later, it increased by 10 (630-640--no change practically) pts.</p>

<p>yea i think so too....thanks guys....i worked hard to increase that 40 least i'm over 600 now....I should be fine...i worry too much...damn.....
but i just hope that 610 in verbal will not get me rejection letters from everywhere</p>

<p>Obviously it depends where you wanna go...if you're aiming for the ivy's there is no question that you should re-take. If you're not then a 1390 should serve you fine. If I were you I'd study my ass off and re-take.</p>

<p>yeah...if your aiming for Ivies...then you should retake...otherwise, if a 1390 is above the 75% range for the school you are applying to, there really is not an urgent need to retake, though you could if it might help with scholarships.</p>

<p>I get~650 on verbal in my practice tests now. I used to be ~500. The word list really helped me. have been doing it for almost 2 weeks</p>

<p>Why is everyone saying that if krbxtigerz is applying to Ivy League he should take over?? Isn't that score within the median range at most Ivy's? Are you suggesting he retake to increase his chances? It seems to me that because a lot of other factors play a part in the admissions process and that scores (especially at some Ivy League schools) are not everything, he may be better off concentrating on something that he has a better chance at improving on.. verbal is rough. Sometimes I get really frustrated on this site.. not all kids get 1500's or 1600's on the SAT's and they get into lots of great colleges, including those is the Ivy League. I would go with Newby and start working on the SATII's. Just my humble opinion.</p>

<p>P.S. My D scored a 1400 on her SAT.. took it once and decided that she was done. Took the ACT scored a 32, SATII's and scored 710 Writing, 620 Math and 740 Literature. Stopped there. One test each and we are very satisfied. She is applying to Brown and hopefully her academic record and ec's will say enough about her to get her in. If not, oh well. Maybe Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Emory, Southwestern, or UM will admit her... any of which would make her (and us) very happy : )</p>

<p>Oh, and one more thing (sorry) she didn't study or prepare for any of the college entrance exams. Showed up, did her best and came home. Imagine that. Be happy with your 1390 krbxTigrez.. it is a great score.</p>

<p>krbxTigrez, don't worry about the 1390 so much. How many years have you learned English? They'll understand that. Also, are you taking Honors/AP level English classes in school? If so are getting A's in them then you are set.</p>

<p>i've learned english for 5 years...and I took all the honor and AP english classes available...I got an A in Eng AP Language...i'm proud that I got an A in this class it was the hardest class ever.......but I got B+ in 10th grade ENglish honors class.....that's the only B in my entire transcript.....i'm currently taking AP literature....struggling like hell.......</p>

<p>While I admire and envy the relaxed attitude some of you take to the SAT, I do not think it is necessarily the correct attitude. Yes a 1390 is in the median range for most ivy league schools. Penn for example is 1350-1510...thats about average for the ivies, with 3 or 4 being slightly higher, and 3 or 4 being slightly lower. So you're in the median range, but you're not in the top 50%. The SAT is huge. It's the only real baseline (aside from AP scores) that a university has to measure its students. There's nothing "wrong" with a 1300, a 1370, or a 1440, but basically if you can do better you should at least give it a shot. We've worked hard for the last four years to get to this point. Let's not waste it with defeatist attitudes.</p>

<p>do I have a chance at middle and low ivies?? with 1390???
not like Harvard princeton and Yale.... besides those Ivies....</p>