retake 1390 for 4th time?

<p>i took the SAT 3 times
first: 1290 (670M, 620V) unprepared 11th grade
second: 1230 (640M, 590V) bad day 11th grade
third: 1390 (700M, 690V) more prepared 12 th grade
if i took it a 4th time im positive i could get a 770+M and 700+V
is it worth it? does it look obsessed even though i could greatly benefit?
thanks-- Bob</p>

<p>To where are you applying?</p>

<p>top schools...upenn, duke, navalacademy etc
the rest of my application is top notch, tons of leadership, 300+CS, top rank (5%)</p>

<p>To my knowledge college admissions officers don't like when you retake the SAT1 many times. Three times is a lot, four times is pushing it. Your SAT score is weak for the schools you are looking at, but unless you are going to go up atleast 60 points I would advise against retaking. Just have the rest of your application make up for a weak SAT score-EC's GPA ect.</p>

<p>Best of luck</p>

<p>don't take it over for upenn and duke cuz its too many times...but the naval academy? you could get in to the naval academy easily with your 1230.</p>