Retake 34?

<p>so i scored 34, 34E, 36M, 32R, 33S *essay score not yet available, although i think i did pretty bad on it</p>

<p>so raw score 33.75. I got this score only taking one practice test and studying for only about 2 hours 2 days before the test. I'm fairly confident that i can improve at least 3 points, to get a 34.5 or higher, especially in science i should easily get around a 35. I'm really trying to get into wharton, is 34 below par, or should i shoot for a 35? im already retaking SATs in june, although i'm probably not going to get 2300+ because i despise SATs, i suck at them.</p>

<p>i know people that got into wharton with a 34. not sub par at all. 34/35/36 are more or less the same in admissions officers eyes. the best way to get into wharton is high gpa, rigorous schedule, and great essays. stats dont mean **** at ivies because everyone else is in the same boat.</p>

<p>Take it again if you are sure you can improve. What's one Saturday morning if you could get a 35/36?</p>

<p>with ur subscores, u need 3 more points to get a 35. if u think u can do it, go for it. a 35 is definitely a gr8 score out of ne means, ans so is 34. sure, at the higher ranges a point makes a huge difference so what if u do worse, a 34 i think can get u into the college ur looking for.</p>

<p>just remember, as long so u are taking rigorous classes during your senior year and u have a good lsit of extracurricular activities, a 34 on the act will look gr8. if u have a 34 with a crappy list of senior classes, chances r u r doomed.</p>

<p>just work hard and as long as u stay on top of it, u can get a 35 np.</p>

<p>so my senior classes are moderately hard, it's rigorous for the average high school student, although i don't think that it'll be that bad.</p>

<p>AP com science AB (new to our school, so i dont know the true difficulty yet, but i know the teacher, and he's easy)
AP US gov / econ (moderately hard, definitely my hardest class)
AP psychology
regular english 12
chinese 4 (may drop and take another class... but i don't know of any other classes)
anatomy/physiology </p>

<p>and 223 on psat, so national merit semifinalist, and very likely finalist</p>

<p>well im not gonan bring up the ivy league question here, but ur list tells me that if u want to go ahead for the ivy league, definitely pass those ap exams. by all means ap psych and econ should be fairly easy, i would think if ur taking both the micro and macro, for you but i suppose if u took ap calc, it would make ur list even more impressive, im surprised u chose comp sci over calc.</p>

<p>regular english is kinda a meh for me, but im assuming u alrdy did some sort of ap English class.</p>

<p>neways back to the topic, its tough to determine but depending on what u atend to major in, w/o a ap science or calc class, its hard to tell.</p>

<p>took calc AB with a's both semesters this year, and ap physics b with a's both semesters, and ap biology last year with both a's</p>

<p>gr8 u got a's, ima assume that u passed all 3 exams with either 4 or 5's, 5's on all 3 would guarantee a shot at the ivy leagues on top of ur classes this year.</p>

<p>the difference that they might make is u took calc ab instead of bc, it may not make much fo a difference but id say that since ur taking the SAT, its probably more important to focus on that now, like I said, ur curriculum is good and a 34 is by all means a very good score. whether u want a 35, i dont think it will make a huge difference unless u want to bump up ur reading/science scores.</p>

<p>take it once more. if you get 34.25 or lower stop trying.</p>

<p>now if you happen to get a 35 i would try for the perfect score</p>

<p>34 act wont make or break admissions. focus your efforts on extracurrics where you set yourself apart from the oh 10 bajillion other applicants who have 33+ scores. Best of luck!</p>

<p>I wouldn't retake a 34, because it comes down to luck at that point if you want to go higher.</p>

<p>I got a 34 (33.75)</p>

<p>Then I retook it, got another 34 (33.75)
Then I retook it, got another 34 (34.25)
Then I retook it, got another 34 (35.25)</p>

<p>I'm not giving up though. Retake in June :)</p>

<p>Hah mabs..does the ACT do donations?</p>

<p>Once you get that high, it's like 1 question will bring your score in one specific area either up or down a whole point. Say you make 2 stupid mistakes, you could be down to a 32. So I say no, unless you are completely confident that you can miss about 5 questions at most on the entire test.</p>

<p>It's possible.</p>

<p>10th grade 34.25
11th grade 34.25
11th grade 35.00</p>

<p>I'd say retake it once more for the heck of it. By now it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.</p>

<p>Olleger, how much prep did you do for those?</p>

<p>Wouldn't bother. I would rather you take a more difficult senior schedule. How about AP Chemistry? AP Calculus BC? AP Stats? AP Art History? Etc. It's so difficult to get into an Ivy League. The 34 is really very good, but I think your senior schedule is a little light. My son had a 35 ACT, 5 AP's his senior year, National AP Scholar, Nationally ranked tennis player, and a GPA of 4.8. He was waitlisted at the two Ivy's he applied to so..... See what I mean?</p>

<p>Lotta prepfor the 10th grade one. Like all of Princeton, red book, barrons, and kaplan, but in 11th like q prep test before each test. </p>

<p>You just gotta hope for the one test you can own. By this level luck plays a large factor.</p>

Then I retook it, got another 34 (35.25)


35.25 is a 35.</p>

<p>^Yeah I noticed that too, but I'm assuming it was just a typo.</p>

I'm retaking a 34 this saturday</p>