Retake 690 in lit or 760 in US?

<p>I got a 690 on my literature subject test, a 760 on US, and 630 on math 2. I can't raise the math but would it be beneficial to even try to raise the others? I'm looking at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pepperdine, NYU, and Brown. Thanks !!</p>

<p>US history is more than enough at all the schools you're looking into. Retake Lit and try to bring it up to a 700 and dont send the math 2 score when apply via score choice.</p>

<p>cancel the math. why can't you raise it? because you definitely won't get into ivies or berkeley with a 630 in math.</p>

<p>Most people can raise their Math II scores above 630, according to the College Board's percentile table.</p>