Retake a 750?

<p>World History. I don't understand. I thought I would have done much better. I think I omitted like fourteen (a lot, I know, but with this test you CAN omit that many) and got three or four wrong. According to my collegeboard book with practice WH tests, the curve for those tests puts me either 790 or 800. Everyone thought the curve for this test would be very good...</p>

<p>Maybe you got a few more wrong than that, who knows? Each curve is different. Anyway, I wouldn't bother retaking.</p>

<p>I omitted like 17 on the test and got a 770, so your score really mystifies me. :/ But if you really feel like you could do better, retake it. I took the WH SAT immediately after taking AP World and personally, I don't feel like I'd do better later on in the year after I've had some time away from the course. If I were you, I wouldn't retake. But that's just personal choice based on circumstances.</p>

<p>Don't retake it, 750 is fine and by october you would have forgotten a lot of info</p>