Retake a course?

<p>Does UM allow you to retake courses to improve your grade? I couldn't find any info using the umich page search.</p>

<p>Yeah, you can retake a course to get a better grade in it but you usually won't get credit unless the course guide says so. Usually, classes like seminars provide credit the second time because they cover different material every time.</p>

<p>That's fine, I'm looking for the grade only. So will the new grade replace the previous one or will both show up on a transcript/be calculated into the overall GPA? Thanks</p>

<p>Doubt it replace the previous grade. Since you won't get credit, it won't change your GPA either.</p>

<p>Come on, think how easy this would make things!</p>

<p>Yeah, but it happens in a few other colleges that I know. It doesn't hurt to ask. :p</p>

<p>yeah. I think it will replace your grade BUT it will show that you took the course two times. if you are continuing onto grad school,etc. they WILL take that into consideration. they will not be able to see the first time you took it but they will be able to see the second time around grade ASWELL as the fact that you took the course twice. So yeah it is easy to take a course over but it WILL show up on your transcript that you took the course twice.</p>

<p>I just can't believe that they will change a grade. If that was true, I could go and retake two classes and boost my GPA by .2 or so.</p>