Retake ACT? Applying ED CoE Class of 2015

<p>Hey everyone,
Brief intro:
Asian male, Canadian, applying to CoE ED next year (2015)
SAT II : 800 Math lv 2, 790 Chem.
GPA: 95% (does not rank)</p>

<p>i just got my ACT scores today.</p>

<p>Eng 31
Math 36
Read 28 (yes it's pretty horrible)
Science 33</p>

<p>Composite 32
Writing: TBA (Though required, Cornell doesn't look at writing anyways)</p>

<p>First, i completely understand that there are thousands of other factors when it comes to
college admissions. test scores are only a small portion.</p>

<p>i don't know if i should retake the ACT since Cornell superscores from different test dates. (which means i may improve Reading and English)</p>

<p>However, when looking at stats from collegeboard and other sites.
It seems that my scores are within the 25%-75% range for cornell admits
(28-33) <--- This score range is not for international students (perhaps international students score higher and so i'm in a more competitve pool?)</p>

<p>Since all scores have to be sent (no score choice here), what do you guys think, should i retake it and get perhaps a 33 superscore in October? </p>

<p>Would a 32 ACT hurt my chances? (or is it so minimal when compared to a 33 that i shouldn't worry about it?)</p>

<p>i do not have a SAT I back up. Never taken it. (practice tests are in the 1800 range, so i decide not to risk it)</p>

<p>Any opinion is appreciated. THX</p>

<p><a href="or%20is%20it%20so%20minimal%20when%20compared%20to%20a%2033%20that%20i%20shouldn't%20worry%20about%20it?">quote</a>


<p>That. 10char.</p>