Retake ACT- will colleges receive it?

<p>I'm planning on applying priority (Nov. 1) for all my schools. I want to retake the ACT- but the next administration is December 11. I know it varies for different schools, but will they evaluate me based on my current scores or will they see that I am retaking the ACT and evaluate me when those scores come in?</p>

<p>Not sure what you mean by "priority." If you are talking about early action or early decision, then with a Nov 1 application date, it is highly likely a December test will not be considered -- the decision will be made before that is received and most such colleges state that they do not take December scores for EA or ED when their application deadline date is Nov 1. If you're talking about a rolling admissions school that has a priority date (like UIUC) then whether the December score will be considered depends on whether it is received before a decision is made. In many instances, that rolling admission decision will be made long before that test is sent. In others, like borderline cases, the college may defer decision on you until after all applications are in so they can compare you to entire pool, in which case that December score could get there in time and be considered.</p>

<p>For any early policy, the applicant must take the October administration of the standardized test</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, should I apply later to my "reach" schools then? I know I can better my ACT and I've heard that there's virtually no difference between early application and regular unless you're "on the bubble." From US News anyway.</p>