Retake Math II with a 730?

<p>I scored 730 on Math II. I scored 720 on regular SAT Math. While I feel this is a good score for me, I know that Math II is viewed a little bit differently than top schools. I probably wouldn't retake, except that I recently discovered I have a visual memory disability and qualify for 50% extended time. Do you think it is worth it to retake now that I get the extra time. While I did sort of run out of time on Math II, it was more like, I skimmed through the last 8 questions and just worked on the 4 I thought I actually had a chance at getting.</p>

<p>Math II and SAT I math is completely different. I say try it again. The Math II is mostly calculator based, try getting a program and getting familiar with it. That helped me help that 800.</p>

<p>^^ Objection!!!</p>

<p>Much of the test can be done without a calculator / program. I did all my work myself and only did the tricky calculations on my calc (trig functions, logarithms, et c.) I am pretty proud of my score (800), and I know firsthand that the test isn't necessarily "calculator based." This isn't to say that a program wouldn't help, but your post makes it seem like you NEED a program to do well.</p>

<p>To respond to the original post, I would look at the schools you're planning on applying to. Schools like MIT would probably like to see a higher score, and with your extended time, your score is likely to improve.</p>