Retake or not????? Chancing??!!!?

<p>So I took the ssat on Dec.10 and I got a 61% which is horrible to me. Shuld I retake the test and get a tutor to get a better score or just leave it. I aslo need Chancing for Lawrenceville School, Mercersberg Academy, Peddie School, Wardlaw Haritage School, and Blair Academy. I really need help and I am confused.
Clubs: Honor Society, Student Council, Newspaper Club, Basketball team, Football, Baseball, Science Club, Math Club, Martial Arts,Njseeds</p>

<p>Grades:straight A's since 6th grade, great recomendations.</p>

<p>Would I have any luck with these schools or should I retake the test with a tutor hopefully getting an 80+</p>

<p>retake the SSAT and you may have a chance</p>

<p>what type of chance do I have right now, with Financial aid??</p>

<p>Honestly, I think you're fine! I mean, I know one of the more difficult ones to get into on your list is Blair and Blair's average SSAT is 70%. That means there are ones lower than that. Most of the schools you are applying to aren't as competitive as like Exeter or Andover, so it won't be as hard. Since you have straight A's and all those clubs, I think you will do fine. They don't take the SSAT into THAT much consideration when deciding admissions. </p>

<p>I havent gotten my scores back yet (I took dec 10 too). I feel I did poorly on some of the math and verbal...did you get yours by mail?</p>

<p>you may not get into lawrenceville or peddie though...but you never know there are tons of people who get low-ish scores and get in. good luck!</p>

<p>the average percentile goes down because of some complete sport jocks who aren't academically exceptional.
i would advise retaking it (unless you are a sport jock)
a tutor would be nice, so is friendly competition with practice tests.
my brother and i took practice tests and tried to get a higher score than the other</p>

<p>good luck!</p>