Retake or not?

<p>I got a 33 on my ACT (34 math, 34 reading, 33 english, 32 science) and I'm hoping to go to Columbia or Duke. I got a 2330 composite on my SAT (800 math, 800 writing, 730 critical reading). Should I retake or should I just be satisfied with what I got? Thanks.</p>


<p>i think you should be satisfied and work on other things like extra curriculum stuff cuz a high 1500+ and a 1600 is the same for the old SAT, i dont know about the new ones, but i think it would be the same. They will look more at other things than just the scores especially the top colleges.</p>

<p>def stay with what u have. Your scores are great and should be good enuf for the ivys. Just concentrate on other things.</p>