Retake physics?

<p>So I got a 670 in physics. Pretty bad considering the generous curve. I already have a 770 in chem, and 760's in Math II and USH. Should I bother to retake physics because some schools I'm looking at don't have score choice? (Stanford, UPenn) Or should I just accept it. </p>

<p>I also got an 89 overall for the year in my physics class (90,90,84,91).</p>

<p>Bump please</p>

<p>I got a 670 as well in physics... that test sucked. </p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that Stanford/Upenn only want to see two SAT 2's so the 770 and 760 should be good enough. </p>

<p>Better than me... I got 670 physics, 740 math1, and 720 math2. And I want to go to Upenn...</p>

<p>Oh, really? I thought they looked at all scores. Nice then, haha. Your maths aren't too bad. I'd say you prob want to retake a science, maybe chem or bio if you're better in those? Math 2 might want to be retaken, but for right now, it's definitely not bad.</p>

<p>Good luck! And I agree, that test did suck</p>

<p>You send them the scores so they only see what you send them...
but Stanford requires math 2
For Stanford you may want to retake math 2 again... Stanford is pretty much the hardest school to get into in the world if you don't live in California. My friend had a 2400 SAT1, two 800 SAT 2's, got into MIT and Harvard, but not Stanford..</p>

<p>I guess I'll retake Math 2... but then again, I don't really want to. I might just focus on the ACT, that's a CRAPLOAD easier than any SAT test.</p>

<p>Ah, hahaha. Well yea, higher ACT score would probably balance it out, plus it's more important. I'm not sure about retaking math ii. If I really have the time/money to do so, I might. I do have other redeeming qualities for now, but we'll see.</p>

<p>Anymore suggestions? I originally thought that schools that didn't have score choice made you report all your scores. Wouldn't a 670 be bad?</p>