Retake SAT for Penn? Help please =(

<p>My most recent and highest SAT score is 2280- 800cr, 760m, 720w. My problem is that I got a 7 on the writing essay, which hurt my score a lot and is quite low in itself. On Collegeboard's collegesearch database, it says that the essay is used for admission at Penn, which is the school I really want to attend. The first SAT I took I got a 2090 (710cr, 700m, 680w) with an 8 on the essay.</p>

<p>Should I retake the whole SAT and risk lowering my score in other sections to raise my essay score? A 7 is pretty low, do you think it will lower my chances of being admitted to an Ivy League school, like Penn? And what exactly does "will be used for admission" mean?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>I got a 1180 my junior year in June and I am taking it again this fall Oct. So you did great! I got a 6 on my Essay. I was devastated! This summer I didn't really study hard but i'm taking a SAT prep class. For the SAT, colleges look at your highest score of each section. For example,you got 710cr, 700m, 680, then you got a 800cr, 760m, 720w. So they will take the highest of each 800, 760, and 720. So you wont have to worry too much about that. "Will be used for admission" means whatever specific part of your application that they want, it will be use to determine your admission to the school. EX. Let's say they said your essay will be used for admission. So you are going to write an outstanding essay, and the college will determine whether you are admitted to the school or not. but that is just part of it. My resources? Internet. Haha I am a hardcore researcher lol love internet</p>

<p>Since UPenn superscores, I would retake the SAT once more and see if you can get a higher essay score (and Writing score in general)</p>

<p>It doesn't hurt to retake it for the third (and final time) if you think your score will improve by 50 points. However, you did get a 2280, which is good enough for Penn's standard, especially if you decide to apply ED (do you?). </p>

<p>Essay score to me is almost trivial; your 720 is good, so I don't think a 7 will hurt you all that much. I have a friend who got an 8 and is going to an HYPS. Don't stress too much about that one score. Now's the time to focus on your college app essays, not the SAT essay. =]</p>

<p>You're probably going to retake no matter what we say, just to relieve some stress.
Just go ahead and try again, whatever you feel is best for you.</p>

<p>Thanks guys =) Yes, I do plan to apply ED, so hopefully that helps, and I'm also glad to hear that they superscore..the 8 from my first test is at least a tiny bit better than the 7 haha. I guess I won't retake.. the stress of studying more for SATs, especially right in the beginning of senior year, is too much</p>