Retake SAT I or take SAT 2s

I have a 1510 on the SAT. Is it better for me to retake it and get a 1550+ or take Math II and Chem (both of which I am confident I can get an 800 on). I have not taken any SAT 2s so far.

I will be applying to HYPM so my SAT is on the lower end.

Yale and MIT will not consider Subject Test scores at all. The others are test optional.

A balanced 1510 does not require a retake. A 1550 will not improve your chances. An unbalanced 1510 may be worth a retake if it does not get cancelled.

I have an 800 Math 710 RW. What would you rec?

710 is 25th percentile at Harvard. I would aim to raise that

Check the websites of colleges of interest. Many schools are no longer requiring SAT II subject tests; some won’t even consider them. And some will take AP scores as a substitute.

I’d agree on the SAT retake. 1510 isn’t quite where I’d consider “high enough, doesn’t matter” for the very tippy top schools, especially with the imbalance for non-STEM schools (HYP of your HYPM).

An additional 30-40 points would be more valuable than an 800 Subject Test score, IMO.