Retake SAT I with 1370?

<p>retake the SAT I?</p>

<p>I just got my score and it was Verbal 610 and Math 760.</p>

<p>I was upset b/c I wanted to break 1400. just missed by 30 points.</p>

<p>It was my second time taking it, and I can take one more, but I'm taking SAT 2 Writing this Nov and also I have to send my applications. (My schools are U of Mich, Rutgers, Northeastern, Carnegie Mellon, MIT(reach), Cornell, SUNY Buffalo, U of Va)</p>

<p>So, what's your suggestion?</p>

<p>Yeah sure, retake it. Lots of people take it two or three times and with practice, your score should go up.</p>

<p>I went from 1340 to 1530!
You can do it!</p>

<p>But I'm applying to college, and does the third one, if I take, in Dec will affect my acceptance? or Is it gonna be too late?</p>

<p>no, i think january is the latest you can take it for regular admission- LOK ON THEIR SITE!</p>

<p>btw i think everyone who takes the sats is applying for college...</p>

<p>Hm.. okay. Thx for the info though.</p>

<p>After I take writing in Nov, I think I'll review some more and maybe take one more and final SAT I!</p>