Retake SAT or do SATII Tests

<p>I am in senior year next year.
I just scored a 2160 on my SAT (680 CR, 700 M, 760 W).
Should I retake this score, because I think I can score 70-120 points higher, or would it be more to my benefit to take 2 or 3 subject tests?</p>

<p>As an IB student, I am shooting to get into a good college. One I am definitely applying to is the University of Florida, because it's in state and I think it would be easily paid for compared to some others.
Other colleges I am looking at are up north, haven't really figured out what I'm majoring in.
Also might look to do college in Switzerland, where I was born, at ETH Zurich, because it'd be pretty much free. Then SAT scores wouldn't really matter though.</p>

<p>The first SAT next year is October 9, and then November 6...If I took SAT subject tests in October, then took the normal SAT in November, and improved, would I still be able to use that for college apps?</p>

<p>Also, could someone answer what exactly the SATII tests are good for?</p>


<p>It depends if you applied early, if not, you would be able to do both the October and November.</p>

<p>i think december works for ea or ed for a lot of schools. I may be mistaken though.</p>