Retake SAT or take SAT subject tests?

Okay, so I’m in a bit of a dilemma.
I already took the October SAT and got 1490. I’m applying RD to a number of selective schools that do not “require” but do “consider” and “recommend” that one takes the SAT subject tests.
But here’s the dilemma: I only have one date left to take the SAT/SAT subject tests (December 1st) before the RD deadline.

What would be more beneficial: Retaking the SAT and increasing my score by, realistically, 50 points or taking two SAT subject tests and doing very well?

SAT II recommended means to take them unless they aren’t offered anywhere near you or you absolutely can’t afford it.

Sure, but what if the choice were between taking the SAT and improving 50 points and the SAT subject tests for a school like Amherst that only “considers” SAT subject tests?

I’d take the subject tests.

How many of the schools on your list recommend SAT subject scores? Your 1490 puts you in the 98/99th percentile of all test takers. You are so close to 1500, that I would personally take the subject tests if the majority of your schools recommend them.

Are all the colleges on your list “like Amherst” or do some “recommend” Subject Tests?

You misspelled “hopefully.” I “realistically” planned to win the $1.6B Mega Millions jackpot, but that did not happen.

That does not tell us much. A 740/750 is probably not worth retaking, while a 690/800 might be, But you’re only giving us crumbs here. A more complete understanding would yield better advice.

Agree that too little information is shared by OP.

Would help to know actual scores by section on the SAT, targeted schools & desired major course of study.

Only one school “recommends” them while the others “consider” them. I’m not sure how seriously one is supposed to take it when schools “consider” them (especially, since I also have IB subject tests).

Also, the 1490 was indeed 750 reading/writing and 740 in math. I have also taken IB subject tests, which maybe acts as a sort of substitute for SAT subject tests?
In any case, I would want to take SAT subject tests in chemistry and US history.

Nope. It doesn’t.

With the clarification, I would opt for the Subject Tests as the 750/740 will not be the reason any college rejects you.