Retake SAT?

<p>I retook both the ACT and SAT in Oct. and got a 2170 superscored and 33, which improved from the last time I took them both but still makes my reach schools slightly a bit of a stretch (Columbia ED, mid tier Ivys, Amherst/Williams etc.).
My CR/W improved a lot but my M went down, which sucked. Should I do the Dec. retake to boost my math in case I get deferred/for RD (660 M) or is it not worth it? I realize it's late for ED but I'm just worried my SAT isn't high enough for some merit scholarships. </p>

<p>Also, which of my scores is the better one?</p>

<p>Merit scholarships for those schools are given to the top 5% practically if any. Those kids are like 2350+ haha. Your ACT is better.</p>

<p>If Dec is third time taking the SAT, why not try? But taking it more than three times looks bad.</p>

<p>Thanks, so you guys think I should still retake? I know 3+ times does look bad, but I wonder if my math score can go up in a month or I can manage an 800 in CR/W....</p>

<p>@Raichu, my reaches don't give scholarships. I'm talking about some of my safety/state schools that offer Presidential scholarships, etc., and I was wondering if I still fell in the top bracket for schools like that.</p>