Retake the ACT or take SAT II tests?

Hello everyone!
As a rising senior, the covid-19 pandemic has complicated my final year of high school. All the colleges I am interested in are test optional for the coming application cycle. However, I feel that submitting test scores could strengthen my application. In the interest of time, I have to decide if I want to retake the ACT or take 2/3 SAT subject tests. I took the ACT at my high school and received a 30 without studying. I don’t know if I could improve much from there. If I were to take the SAT subject tests I would take World History, Biology M, and Math level 2. I would submit the two with the highest scores.
Thank you for your help!

If you only have time for one, I would probably go for the ACT. Even though there are a lot of test optional colleges out there this year, a strong score may still give you a boost or help with some scholarships.

I can’t see subject test scores doing much for you. They may validate your grades and give you another positive data point on your application. Nice to have, but not a priority, at least for this application season.

Are you applying to schools that recommended or considered Subject Tests in the pre-COVID days? There aren’t many of them.

If not, ACT would be better.

Even if you are, ACT/SAT carries a lot more weight. Even just a straight retake often yields, on average, a slight improvement. Spending a bit of time prepping and then re-taking is likely the best option .

@RichInPitt A lot of schools I’m considering used to require/reccomend subject tests in the past. I think you’re right. I will retake the ACT later this year. I might take one or two SAT II test for extra measure

If you already know to which colleges you are considering applying, check their websites to determine their rule for next year’s admissions as to subject tests. Most colleges do not even use them to determine admission. Moreover, a number of colleges have adopted test optional policies for 2021 admissions because of the pandemic’s effect on ability to take tests, and I have noticed that some, such as Yale and Carnegie Mellon, both of which usually recommend subject tests, have determined they will not consider subject tests at all to determine admission for next year. In essence, raising the 30 ACT may be the better choice depending on chosen colleges.