Retake the ACT

just got my June score back:

English: 35
Math: 35
Reading: 30
Science: 36
Composite: 34

Now I know what you’re thinking: “a 34 is a great score you shouldn’t retake.” Well, this was my first ACT, and ik that my math, English, and science are well within the 75th percentile for top colleges, BRUH that reading. My top choice is Dartmouth, and an ACT Reading score of 30 is like, 25th percentile. Should I retake or nawwwe

I would retake it; check the Dartmouth policy on whether you need to send all tests. There’s no reason you couldn’t get a 35/36/34/36/35.

i remember i actually read your requests for our help on the june 2015 ACT discussion thread, and i wanted to answer to your calls for help, but just couldnt because i didnt remember my user password, lol. anyways, if you want to go for some kind of an english major, then i would suggest for you to retake it, but if you are not, and feel like the admission officers are not going to care, then dont retake.