Retake the SAT or take the ACT?

I would like to thank everyone in advance for reading this and offering help. I am a rising senior, and I am not satisfied with my SAT 1 score. My grades are not that great (3.75 UW/4.1 W) so I feel like I need higher test scores to make up for it. The first time I took the SAT, I did study a little bit, and I got a 2140 (690 CR/800M/650W/9E) in October 2014. I decided to retake it again in January 2015 because my only score above 700 was math, and that was an 800. I went to a whole bootcamp thing for my critical reading and writing alone. I got 2210 the second time (680CR/800M/730W/10E). I was really disappointed that my CR dropped 10 points, especially since I thought the CR for that test was even easier than the October test. I am currently signed up for the November SAT 1 (retaking subject tests in October) because I need a higher SAT score for my ED2 school and my RD schools (around 2250+ composite or at least 2280 superscore should suffice). However, should I retake the SAT? I feel like no matter how much prep work I put into CR, it will barely squeak above 700, if not falling slightly below. If so, what prep do you guys recommend? Also, should I try the September ACT? I haven’t taken a practice test yet, but if I do do well on it, should I go for it?

bumppp. any help is appreciated.

Try a practice act online if you get a 34 it’s roughly the same as a 2260 and 35 is about a 2340. If you get 32 on a practice you should switch and buy an act prep book go crazy and hope you get a 34. If you don’t be ready to take the October sat