<p>I really need your help, you guys... I really don't know what to do. For the March SAT I, I got a 2200 exactly (760M, 720CR, 720W). I know there are people who would kill for these scores... but I'm worried that those scores would not be good enough for colleges like MIT or Stanford. On the other hand, I'm also worried that if I retake the test in June, I may receive lower scores. </p>

<p>I value the advice and appreciate what CC members have to offer. Please give me your input.</p>

<p>The issue for MIT would be math...your score is high enough, but with that being said, i am positive kids with 800's will apply...
Stanford: Stanford i believe will look at everything...your score is not low by any means, but i would say that if you really want to go to these schools then study the types of questions more and retake the SAT... but 2200 is an amazing score</p>

<p>i wouldn't retake... that's a good enough score for those schools... you could easily score lower</p>