<p>So I went to take Chem, Physics, and Math II in June, but the test day was the day after I got back from a week long school trip (didn't know it would be the day after until after I had signed up). I was incredibly tired, took Chemistry, then realized there was no possible way I could take the other two and do decent, so I left. I ended up getting a 700 on chem even though I left 16 blank and got probably more than 4 wrong. I thought it was ridiculously easy, but I kept zoning out and the like. Should I retake this? I was shooting for Ivy type schools, but am now mainly looking at Engineering/Science majors at schools like Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, etc.</p>

<p>Help is Appreciated</p>

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<p>It's worth taking again, if you think you can do better and you are taking the other two anyway. It won't make or break you, but Ivies generally like subject test scores to be 700+ and it's excellent to get 750+, which I think you can pull off. Just make sure to get enough sleep beforehand this time ;-)</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, will do. And if you or anyone is following this, do you have to report both scores if you retake?</p>

<p>Depends on if the college you are applying to has score choice.</p>