Retaking a 1490

<p>Hey guys, I scored a 1490 but was REALLY aiming for a 1500. I got 740M and 750V, and it suck now that ive already taken the test thrice. So should i take it once more just to get it up higher, or should i refrain from it?</p>

<p>if you've already taken it three times, IMO don't take it again.
you know as well as anyone that 1490 practically is 1500.</p>

<p>don't do it! ivies frown upon taking more than twice nevermind more than 3 times. taking it too many times is alot more detrimental than a 1490 instead of a 1500!</p>

<p>The difference between those 10 points is practically nothing. If you want a 1500 just to say to others that you're 1500 material, get the 10 reals, take a test, get a 1500 and pat yourself on the back.</p>

<p>If you've taken it three times, leave it at that. A 1490 is a perfectly respectable score for any college/university!</p>

<p>yeah... once yuo start getting into the 1400 range, you're pretty much set if you have a solid GPA and a ton of other distinguishing material. :)</p>

<p>Well a high 1400 is usually pretty close to a 1500 anyhow. I think the colleges would definitely be able to see potential for 1500 scores. It's like the difference between one or two questions on the test.</p>

<p>Stop Showing Off U Losers.....</p>

<p>This bothers me as well. I have practically the same score as you do, and a 1500 just seems more pyschologically pleasing.</p>

<p>But, ROUND UP! 1490=1500 to me. Mwahaha. Why retake over just either, A. the lower curve you received, or B. one measely question.</p>

<p>Forget it. You're all set. I would only retake if you could bring it 60+ higher. A 4th time for 10 points= not good.</p>


<p>I retook a 1490, same breakdown as you. I studied a lot and my math stayed the same and verbal went up to a 790. I was fairly disappointed, because I was expecting more of an increase. </p>

<p>In the end, its up to you. Unfortunately, your score is so high that its really difficult to get a significant improvement. If having a 1500+ makes you feel better, go for it. Ivies do not look down on taking the SAT's more than once, but don't obsess about it.</p>

<p>but do you think Ivies will really distinguish between a 1510 and a 1490?</p>

<p>I would say thrice is enough and call it a day.</p>

<p>I'd do it... I just went up 180 points from 1420 to 1600. It came out of no where... do it</p>

<p>i took Oct got 1470, 720 M and 750V , but on my practic tests i usually get 750+ M, should i take it??????? i know my verbal will not improve</p>

<p>I have a 1480, am applying to top schools, and wouldn't even think of taking it again...</p>

<p>its not bout others..its bout u..and ur own goals..u cant make ur decisions based on others goals..if u arent happy with a 1490 and u know u can do better..then go ahead..</p>

<p>i totally agree with sean11. i mean 10 points off of a 1500. dude, be real. no schools gonna sit there and reject you for getting 10 points off of a 1500. some kids would do anything for a 1490.
not only that. if you take it more than three times for some schools they start averaging it.</p>

<p>I am actually in the same position as you - pondering over retaking a 1490 as well. This was my third time taking the SAT too. I just got a 1490 on this October's SAT (780 M, 710 V), and I know I can get a perfect math and can improve my verbal as well; however I am not going to retake it, even though a 1500+ is much more psychologically pleasing, because the fact is, a 1490 is not going to deny or accept me anymore than a 1500. Scores are just scores, and it is going to be some other facet of my abilities that will decide whether I get into some place or not. So, I would not recommend retaking it, unless you know you can get close to a 1600, because chances are your scores might actually go down as well, since you never know how November's or Decembers test is going to be like.</p>

<p>but dont u think 720 math is low, im concerned some merit scholarships require 750M +</p>

<p>OMG. You are such a lamer. I got a 1480 and am sticking to it. I know I could have done better in math, but I got a 710 M and a 770 verbal. That's good enough. Take it again only if your score is disproportional like a 790 math and a 680 verbal or some **** like that.</p>

<p>I also got a 1490 although mine is more suitable to retaking because of my split 800m 690v. I'm NOT retaking though because my goal was 1500 and 1490 is close enough. If a college doesn't take me because of ten points they can kiss my ___.</p>