Retaking ACT in Sept - when to apply?

<p>I'd appreciate advice about when my son should send in his college apps. I know a couple of the schools he's applying to are easier to get into if they apply early. He's retaking the ACT on Sept. 10th and I'm not sure when the results will be available. I'm afraid that if he applies as early as possible, his HS school starts sending transcripts mid September, that the colleges will only have the old score and may reject him based on that. Should he wait until we know that the new scores are available?</p>

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<p>CL - There is much to address in your post. I presume your S is taking ACT + Writing, and that he's taking it here in the US. Regardless, applying early without knowing what his standardized test scores are is a bit unusual. But enough hypothesis.</p>

<p>According to the ACT Registration Web Site your S's multiple-choice question scores for the Sept 10 test will be available online between Sept 26 and Nov 4. The writing section may take longer to score ... or perhaps not, the Web Site isn't clear on this. It does say that ACT test scores won't be sent until ALL of his scores are available.</p>

<p>Thank you Newhope33. Yes he's here in the US and will be a senior this fall. He has already written his ACT and did OK, but he's a bit borderline for one of the schools that he plans to apply and I wasn't sure if there is any way to apply but tell the college that he's retaking it. At his high school (I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere) the couselling department has the students make a resume and put together a package of sorts that gets sent to all the colleges at the same time, most students do this some time late September. Just wasn't sure how to time this considering his scores from the September ACT won't be in yet.</p>

<p>My S took the ACT last September during his senior year because 1 of the schools he was going to apply to required the writing portion which he had not done on his other 2 ACT tests. If you register online, you get the results onine in about 10 days and then they mail the results about a week after that. You tell ACT where to send the scores so they will go separate from school transcripts anyway. I think we sent in all 4 of his applications by the end of September and had no problems. He raised his overall score by 1 point on that last test too!</p>

<p>Thanks hawkrn. That's good to know, I thought it took much longer to get the results!</p>